Wednesday Wisdom: Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test: Sensing vs Intuition

As human beings, we are all born with inherent mental and physical power and potential. But who we are at our unique core, and how we experience life, is anything but the same. As human beings we are similar, yet never the same! This is especially true when it comes to the way that each person perceives and processes sensory information.

Sensing vs Intuition - Myers-Briggs Personality Test

While Katharine Cooks Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers weren’t the first to develop “type theory”, they were the first to make these theories accessible. The Myers-Briggs personality test serves us by making us aware of how we perceive the world. With tools like the Myers-Briggs personality test, we can begin to understand why we behave the way we do. It can also give us a better understanding of our important people, giving us insight into the different ways we all perceive things.

Sensing and intuition are 2 of the 8 functions to the Myers-Briggs test. 

The Sensing Personality Types

Sensing personalities pay close attention to their physical reality. They are rooted and present. Sensors process information quite literally based on their 5 senses. Sensors depend on their experiences to inform their decisions. Sensors remember important details and use these details in logical and practical ways. Sensors are typically wonderful at work because they are so good at following directions and creating actionable steps toward clear and well-defined results. On the flip side, sensors don’t usually love abstract or open-ended situations.

The Intuitive Personality Types

Intuitive personalities are able to ‘read between the lines’ and make sense of the abstract. Intuitive personalities are imaginative, often creative, and able to see the big picture. Intuitive personalities rely on their instincts and can often make sense of sensory details that may not seem connected at all to sensing personality types. Intuitive people love symbols and feel a sense of thrill when it comes to new things! They often operate in terms of the future. Intuitive personalities are always thinking about how things can be better; they’re here to make the world a better place. Intuitive people are deep thinkers but they aren’t always excited about detail-oriented tasks.

Understanding your personality type is not about playing the comparison game. The way that you perceive is not right or wrong, it simply is! Let this allow you to understand yourself better. Appreciate your differences and the differences in those you love. This information can help us to grow in ourselves and celebrate individuality. 

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