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About MantraFam

Our MantraFam are individuals who believe in their power to make a positive change in the world and are committed to promoting a lifestyle of optimism, mindfulness, and sharing a love for meaningful jewelry.

Program Perks: 

    1. Receive MantraBands to wear every day as your daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration to share with your own community
    2. Collaborate with us on campaigns and content creation that you are passionate about in exchange for product, store credit, and with opportunities for compensation
    3. Opportunity to host a MantraBand giveaway for your followers
    4. Access to our affiliate program where you can earn money for sales you refer
    5. Exclusive discounts and early access to MantraBand products
    6. Chance to be featured on the @mantraband Instagram
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    We are excited to welcome you to the MantraFam! Our team will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions in the mean time, you can reach us at