Wednesday Wisdom: 8 Empowering Mantras & How to Use Them in Your Day to Day Life

Mantras have the power to invite change into your life. Daily mantras can positively affect your whole being.

Mantras. We meditate on them. We tape them to our refrigerators and our mirrors, Pin them on Pinterest, repost them on Instagram, and wear them. Our founder, Aysel Gunar, has given us some of our go-to mantras. 

Mantras can be used while you’re making your breakfast, during your morning yoga practice, and throughout your day. Yes, even the simplest mantras can be quite powerful. When we chant our mantras, they become a reality within us and our experience. Mantras can reduce your stress levels. When you say a mantra, you’re doing a mini-meditation. Mantras give us something positive to focus on.

Here are 8 mantras that can help you in your daily life:

She Believed She Could, So She Did

For Building Confidence

Remind yourself that today, every day, you are in control of how you feel and that your state of being is powerful. When you are true to yourself, and when you spend time doing things that make you happy, and avoid people and things that get you down, then things will feel perfect.

Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things

For Strength

This mantra is applicable to pretty much any situation. Fitness goals, career, and personal life. Focus on moving forward and take what you learn to help you get through the next step.

Inhale ➳ Exhale

For Tough Times

If you inhale, and exhale, one breath at a time, everything will pass. The light will peek through again. 

Infinite Love

For Manifesting Love

Use this as your intention and repeat it to yourself with your eyes closed throughout the day and before you go to bed at night. Keep yourself aware that you are ready for love, and make room inside your heart to let someone in. The greatest gift in life is love, and it starts with being open, focusing on your intentions, and knowing your self-worth. 

Let Your Light Shine

For Happiness

The most important thing you can do is let your light shine. This is your life - you only get one beautiful, messy chance at it. Be clear about how you want to spend it.

You Are Enough
For Body Image

Say this to yourself when you look in the mirror. If you have body-image concerns, the first thing you might do in the morning is start criticizing yourself. This negative experience sets the tone for your day. This mantra reminds you that you don’t need to be perfect or listen to any body-shaming messages. You are beautiful, just the way you are right now.


For Radiating Gratitude

Mantras should relate to what you want to cultivate. State it in the present moment. When you say this mantra out loud, does it feel light? Does it ground you and make you feel good? Remind yourself to breathe, speak, and live the mantra out loud. Bring yourself exactly what you’re asking for.

Peace Comes From Within

For Ending the Day

As women, we can get ahead of ourselves with our to-do lists, and we end up being overwhelmed. Use this mantra proactively. You don’t have to cram a million things into your day. Peace comes from within.

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