Wednesday Wisdom: 10 Ways to Stay Creative While Staying at Home (While Feeling Slumpy)

With all the daily responsibilities of working from home and maintaining a work-personal life balance, you can quickly start to feel like you’re in a slump.

As much as you may love your home, your work, or both, it’s absolutely necessary to make room in your daily routine for yourself. Completing a full yoga flow, taking a walk on the beach, and finding time to be creative is just as important as making your deadlines.

Here are a few ways our Mantra Tribe stay creative and inspired on a daily basis:

  • Learn - Never stop being a student. Don’t just subscribe to podcasts, listen to them. Don’t just buy books you want to take in, read them. Engage with people whose learning style is compatible with your own. Connect and grow. Set aside a portion of your day to concentrate on creative inspiration. Ignite your creative soul.
  • Unplug - Go analog. Do something completely tech-free at least once a week. Journal, sketch, heck - learn to can fruit. If your hands are moving, your mind is free to roam. Pretty soon you’ll be developing a new idea, or at the very least enjoying the act of creating.
  • Be Present in the Moment - Even at home, we’re all busy. Beyond busy now, even. Be present in the moment and step away to fuel your creativity. Step outside, listen to new music, indulge in great food, sample a new wine, immerse yourself in something that will bring you to a calming state.
  • Find Inspiration on the ‘Gram - We love following fellow creative and inspirational accounts on Instagram. Some of our favorite accounts are [fill in with your favorite accounts, Katie, and be sure to link them!]. Your free time is probably limited during the day, so for the few minutes you have available to scroll on social media, we encourage you to fill your feed with posts that will inspire and motivate you.
  • Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge You - Use your tribe to push you. Constantly communing with our friends can give us new inspiration.
  • Be Open to All Possibilities - Encourage yourself and your friends to be open-hearted and open-minded. Watch a documentary you wouldn’t normally choose for yourself. Try a new social app or two. Surround yourself with diverse and creative people. Listen.
  • Say Yes - There are so many out there telling us to say “no”, but let’s put “yes” back in our lives. “Yes” to taking your dog for a second walk today. “Yes” to socially distanced dinners with friends. “Yes” to shopping for whole food. “Yes” to riding your bike. Yes is a powerful word!
  • Indulge in Your Surroundings - Getting outside for exercise can help you to recenter and reorient yourself. Start your day with a meditation outdoors; it will help you stay centered and focused for whatever the day brings.
  • Give Yourself Permission for Your Mind to Wander - One of the most valuable things we can bring to ourselves is our creative thinking; give yourself time each week to indulge.
  • Hone Your Hobby - Focusing on a hobby that’s completely unrelated to your work can help keep you sane. It can also help you evolve your thinking to be more conceptual. 
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