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Hi,I just put away my HD2 in a draw. 3 years and 1 month of stirling secrvie. I hope the Note II does as well currently out of the box and charging.I bought a Note 10.1 in August to get used to Android and I like it. Looks a bit funny with a tablet up against my ear but in an emergency it makes a good phone. Use it for conference calls all the time whilst taking notes right on the device.You need to spend some more time on Whirl.Cheers.

Takuro March 05, 2015

international GNote 2 unlocked doesn’t work with Tmobile 3G/HSPA. Just retnecly I began getting 3G/HSPA on Tmo Monthly 4G plan. The area is small but my GNote original definitely started receiving 3G. I asked a rep at the Tmo store who said they are currently upgrading the network. I hope so as I plan to purchase a GNote 2. FYI.

Imen March 03, 2015

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