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I was as heartbroken as 健吾 todrwas Kay Tse’s new album (or precisely the 主打歌).I think a negative review still has its own virtue. The undertone of 健吾’s review is the environment under this Kay’s latest album was produced; the priority is the consumption or reception rather than technicality. As I read along, Kay’s disappointing album was already out of my concern. I start to think about how her case represents in general the Hong Kong pop music industry .以音樂論音樂? I don’t think we can expect this in mainstream paper in Hong Kong. I envy New Yorkers. They can enjoy New York Times’ wonderful section devoted to quality and in-depth (and very musical) reviews of music, be it classical or pop, theatres, movies, and the like. There are just not enough platforms for pop music criticism in Hong Kong.健吾 positioned himself as an outsider; he relied on word articulations and apparent melodic structures, etc. Say for her Mandarin song, it brings forth the question who the target demographic this particular version is for, given her subpar Mandarin is not a matter in the recording. Have they brought in Taiwanese/Chinese producers to do the song? These small decisions reflect at least some aspects of the attitudes behind making a Mandarin version of the hit that made her a top Hong Kong female artist.Anyway, I wonder if there is really a problem here. From the start the industry has not nurtured good listeners. Who really listen to the key changes or chord changes crafted carefully and beautifully by the writers/arrangers? It was lucky enough to have an artist like Kay who can deliver these to the point.Kay is a happy outcome in this weird Karaoke-driven music scene. She was both an underdog and a warrior before she rose to fame; she questioned and did not compromise. Finally she reached the top but this unique brand of her didn’t seem to be registered in her new 主打歌. Yes I meant 主打歌. I know there are songs in her latest album that are so 謝安琪. But 主打歌 is what we wanted from her to strike a complete discord, now that she has assumed a mainstream position.

Tetsuya March 03, 2015

i have quite the collection and just got another one today!

Beth November 26, 2014

I just got my first one last week and I love it!

Tamara November 25, 2014

Just got my Mantrabands today and I’m totally in love! Posted my picture on Instagram and now all of my friends keep asking me where to buy! It’s an absolute success !!!

Bruna November 25, 2014

Would love to win! I’d choose “This too will pass”. So true…

Ylva November 25, 2014

Love my mantrabands, have purchased more for friends again this Christmas. They make great gifts xxx

Nicole November 25, 2014

Love the mantra bands – inspiring empowering messages for todays women
Would love to win one

Thanks for the creations xx

Manasee November 25, 2014

I love mantra bands, I would love one that says courage, pride and fairness :) or one day at a time :)

dawn McMullin November 25, 2014

Love love love my mantra band, hoping I can make that plural!

Nic November 24, 2014

Adore mantrabands and all they represent. Daily reminders to love a life of abundance and positivity and to inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams and believe in themself xo

Tanya Borg November 24, 2014

i love my MantraBands so much. I’m spreading the MantraBamd love and have bought some for friends and family. Peace.

Kelly November 24, 2014

I would love to be able to look down and remember what matters most in life. Would love to win :)

Robyn November 24, 2014

Love these! Would love to share these with my family at Christmas.

Tanya November 24, 2014

i wear my Mantrabands everyday! LOVE them!

Sherry G. Dewees November 24, 2014

Cutest, sweetest, arm candy ever!

Megan November 24, 2014

We just got done from being snowed in in buffalo New York would love a little sunshine in my mailbox :)

Dana Herman November 24, 2014

So glad I stumbled across these a couple months ago. I have some for myself and keep adding to my own collection, as well as buying them as gifts for each friend’s Birthday! Love love them!

Sara November 24, 2014

I love everything about these bracelets, recently, I ordered the “Choose Love” MantraBand and it always makes me smile when I wear it. I think they make great gifts for friends, family or yourself when you need a little pick me up. They are amazing, in the most simplistic, beautiful way.

Rachel November 24, 2014

Just got my first one and LOVE IT !!

Debbie Doonan November 24, 2014

I love all the sayings. Had some family issues this year, death and divorce and these sayings help my daughter and I both keep our heads up. They are beautiful

Stephanie November 24, 2014

Just saw these and fell in love! Want a few of them!

Jackie November 24, 2014

Ive been wanting one or two. This would get me started. I love them!!!

Lisa E November 24, 2014

would love to win one!

Debbie November 24, 2014

i would love to have a custom mantra!!! These are so awesome!

Deanne washer November 24, 2014

love my band!!! I want to enter please! God Bless

Carolina Barahona November 24, 2014

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