Actions Speak Louder

Actions speak louder than words.

Actions Speak Louder

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My “agenda” is to do everything wihtin my power to (1) keep the CC Campus Protestant, (2) make the CC a Member-driven church and (3) correct erroneous Self-Esteem Beliefs so that the CC has traditional Christian Beliefs.If the Members do not want a Member-driven church, then there is nothing I can do to make it a Member-driven church. Based on the actions of the Members to date, it appears that the Members do not want the CC to be a Member-driven church. They seem to need someone like the Schullers to run it.If it was a Member-driven church, then Members would need to vote on issues. In a US election, only registered voters are allowed to vote, and in a Member-driven church, only Members are allowed to vote. The US government keeps a list of registered voters so they know who is allowed to vote and who is not. If a church does not have a list of Members, how does it know who is allowed to vote and who is not? People on this site talk about “congregational meetings”. What I want to see are “Member-only meetings”. Not everyone in the congregation is a Member.I have an issue with keeping a list of “Friends of the CC” because I think what is really needed is a list of “Members of the CC”.If I were a Member, I would first work on developing a list of Members and then I would work on developing a list of Beliefs that all of the Members can agree to. Those Beliefs would be the official beliefs of the church. I started working on developing a set of beliefs herebut this work needs to be done by the actual Members of the CC.

Robert March 03, 2015

Yes yes yes! Thanks for this Kathryn just what I needed to read today It’s funny just borfee I read this I wrote my Friday Action List..but it’s all well and good to write the list, now I’ve gotta do it!Start small, change the world!x

Pahlawan March 02, 2015

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