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This is by far the most frustrated I have ever been with a customer service department. I am shocked that this company is still in business and serving customers. I have given this company so much business in referrals and purchasing gifts, but I will never order from them again.

I would like to discuss the experience I had with the support team at MantraBands. Upon ordering my Mantraband, AmazonPay switched my shipping address to be the same as my billing address without informing me (even though the correct information was input into the shipping address fields). I realized this immediately, and emailed support. I emailed support at 2:01 pm, and I did not even receive the auto-generated confirmation email from the website until 2:02 pm. That’s how quickly I caught this.

I was shocked to get a reply from support an hour later, saying that there was nothing that they could do. Their response was simply that “Our warehouse takes pride in shipping items out as soon as possible, so I apologize we were not able to catch your order in time.” I find it extremely hard to believe that the shipping department was able to ship my product before the website was able to send me a confirmation email.

I was not offered any sort of consolation for the $35 that I essentially threw away because I cannot access this order at this address. They did not offer to ship one to my current address (which they have because I entered it into the system, as well as emailed them at 2:01 pm, less than 1 minute after I placed the order). I find it most surprising that this company is in the line of work that they are in – uplifting and empowering people. Please take this feedback into consideration.

Stephanie Stillman October 26, 2018

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